Wednesday, August 11, 2010

music 15

kuantan international sixes
7th and 8th august

hari jumaat aku n few from mcoba cricket gerak ke kuantan..
nak main kuantan international 6..
pergh, dgr name dah high!!
dgr cite last year sgt bes!!
and i was hoping the same this year

mcoba cricket is under the banner of uia :)

tourney tyme!!!

1st game:
mcoba/uia vs island c.c
mcoba/uia lost 55 runs

mcoba/uia 41, island c.c 96

2nd game:
mcoba/uia vs frontiers
mcoba/uia lost 40 runs

mcoba/uia 40. frontiers 80

3rd game:
mcoba/uia vs p.c.a
mcoba/uia lost 60 runs

mcoba/uia 46, frontiers 106

4th game:
mcoba/uia vs s. colts
mcoba lost by 5 wickets

mcoba/uia 30, s. colts 31

hahahaha.. terokkan? kalah sume game..
tp kire ok la..
we are the only malay team yg main..
and kitorang full malaysians!!
most of the team expats..
pca je yg ade campor..
and kitorg sgt la mude..
plg tua pon 23..
dorg sume da ade experience..
its a good expose for us :)

and pasal aku plak
bowling ok dah..
batting? hrmm
1st game dpt la 5 runs..
2nd and 3rd game, aku golden duck 1st ball out!!!
memalukan okayh!!!
tp last game aku hebat ah..
open the bat and dpt 21 not out :)
some consolidations to me..

aku sdg beraksi.. seblah umpire belah kanan :P

the team

sit from left: jat youp, izhar

stand from left: kudin,bob,mita,me,umar,zufar,pak din

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