Saturday, August 20, 2011

music 23

Hye there!!

hye there :)

its been almost a year since my last post, and im kinda lost my appetite in writing..
hahaha.. so guys, whats up? missing me? pls dont, coz i barely wrote a good article..
so, this time, i want to make up to u guys..

so, almost a year, lots happened during that time, sweet and sour of course.. well, i dont want to remember the bad ones, so do i still have to write about the good ones? naaahhh!! so, next post, i will post the pix for what i have done in the past 1 year gap we didnt meet :)

hmm, im going to tell you what happen today.

9am: class
11am: end class
3pm:pick up salihin
530pm: REUNION!!!!

hell yeah!! reunion.. ive been organising reunion for many yrs, but i think this one kind of special.. i dont know why, but it is.. well, its not that grand, but, the most important thing, we made it.. so, im going to have a full blast today, and hopefully, all goes well :)

p/s 1: i will be out for few days, so meet u guys on monday night!!!

p/s 2: now im watching gossip girl!!! so, its all about gossiping today!!! :)

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